What is TIG welding

In one year alone, the world can produce 1,691.2 million tonnes of steel. While this doesn't even account for the majority of global metal output, it's enough to fuel pretty much every industry in Australia (and in the rest of the world as well.)

In making things out of metal and applying metals into various industries, welding is a necessary process for joining metals together. TIG welding is one of the most common controlled types of welding metals together in the world. Here, we're going to discuss what TIG welding is and how the process works as well as some applications for this process.

The Basics of TIG Welding

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is the process of combining two metals by heating them with an arc of a tungsten electrode. Basically, it uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to create the heat that's used to join two metal surfaces together.

What Metals Can Be TIG Welded?

TIG welding is generally used for thin sections of metal. It gives the operator more control over the welding process than other types of welding do, so it's ideal for thinner cuts that need extra care. It creates stronger welds than gas metal arc welding or shielded metal arc welding, so the completed projects are of a higher caliber.

The most common metals that are fused together by TIG welding are titanium, aluminium, and stainless steel. Most often, it's used on thin segments of stainless steel. This is how many metal objects and industrial machinery pieces are made. However, it also is often used to weld non-ferrous metals like copper alloys and magnesium.

What Industries is TIG Welding Used In?

Many industries use TIG welding when creating items from thin sheets of metal. The aerospace industry is one of the primary users of this process because it manufactures the inner workings of aircraft and vehicles that go into space, such as satellites. However, applications in transportation aren't limited to the air- TIG welding is also commonly used to create thin-wall tubing that can be applied to bicycles.

Performance car industries also make use of TIG welding. Car restoration and performance modifications are often done using these strategies. It also is used to build motorcycle frames and improve motorcycle's performance. When you need motorcycle restorations, TIG welding has you covered.

Additionally, industrial plant machinery is commonly made with TIG welding. Tools and dies in these facilities, especially components made of aluminium and magnesium, are created via this process. It holds together powerfully and is unlikely to break even when used often.

Get Started

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