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The SWS SPEEDCUT™ 50 with Power Factor Correction is a top-tier and cost-effective plasma system available in the Australian market, designed for cutting and gouging all conductive metals. It features a pilot arc with auto ignition for optimal performance and is fully CNC capable, compatible with all popular tables such as Arc Droid, BlueCarve, Langmuir Systems, and more. This machine can operate continuously at its rated cutting capacity, delivering extra power when needed most.


Latest Inverter Technology
The embedded microprocessor with Infineon components delivers ultimate performance and perfect cutting characteristics.

Revolutionary Digital Display
Large high visibility durable display allows easy viewing from a distance and continually provides you with necessary feedback for optimum cuts. 

Smart Programming
The system programming tells you when it's time to change consumables, let it cool if the duty cycle is reached and gives constant feedback with real-time cutting amps displayed maintaining optimal performance and cut quality.

PFC (Power Factor Correction)
Reduces primary amperage draw by approximately 25% allowing the use of smaller breakers/fuses and enables the use of longer extension leads it also increases the utilisation of power to the machine for better cutting efficiency.

Pilot Arc
With pilot arc, you benefit from being able to cut rusty and painted metals while significantly increasing consumable life.

Automatic Pilot Arc Restart
This feature gives you the ultimate in efficiency by automatically controlling the pilot arc when cutting expanded metal or multiple cuts. The pilot arc will switch on and off as fast as needed when cutting expanded metal and provides maximum performance when cutting thicker metal—all automatically. You benefit from this with less hand fatigue and the best cutting performance. 

Extra-long arc
When you are in an odd position or a tight space SPEEDCUT™ 50's extra-long arc will stretch to keep constant contact with the workpiece for a consistent cut.

CNC Ready 
CNC ready and easily adapted to most systems (Please contact us for machine torch, adding the CNC port and 50:1 Voltage divider) 

Superior Duty Cycle
Make bigger longer cuts with ease. The duty cycle of 45% at 50 Amps while cutting 16mm thick steel makes it one of the highest outputs in its class.

Genuine Cutting Capacity
With a clean cutting capacity of 16mm and severance of 20mm (mild steel), the SPEEDCUT™ is your go to machine for light and heavy industrial applications. 

SC-50 Torch
Ergonomic handle with non-slip design and thumb and finger contours gives you more control and reduces operator fatigue with economically priced consumables half the cost of the CIGWELD CUT SKILL 35 and 45 machines and other leading brands that can be changed quickly and easily.

Intelligent Heat Sensing Fan
Operates as needed to cool components and reduce airborne contaminants pulled through the power source.

Thermal Overload Protection
You can depend on your SWS power supply to withstand harsh working conditions. Thermal overload protection will kick in once the 50% duty cycle limit is reached (40° C). Duty cycle will increase as environmental temperature decreases.

Highly Portable
Dependable IGBT inverter technology ensures a highly portable and lightweight unit. 

Durable Case
In the event of an accidental drop, you can have peace of mind with eight individual protection points.

Manufactured to the Highest Standards
Meets and exceeds the latest Australian, NZ and International electrical and electromagnetic compatibility standards.